Drama Review: Snow Lotus Flower

I’m back (Finally) from my small hiatus. Sorry it took long, but I had to do a lot of things. I’ve been watching animes, shows, and movies with my sister, but I’ll say more about it later. I wanted to slowly get back to watching k-dramas, so I tried out Netflix so I could just relax on the couch, and saw this drama. I saw this and noticed how it was short, so why not? Oh yeah, wrote this today actually, so I haven’t checked for grammar or spelling mistakes from my lack of sleep, so sorry bout that!

Name: Snow Lotus Flower/Lucid Dream
Ep: 2 (8 according to Netflix, but each were like 23 mins long).

Synopsis: So going by my words and trying not to spoil anything, two people, a woman and man, have the same dreams. The dream takes place in an old era (Joseon era) and includes the dreamers as the people in it. Anyway, they didn’t know that they were having the same dream. Then, one day, the man’s company was holding a drawing event and he so happened to find a drawing of the woman, a princess, from his dream. Finding the artist who drew it, he hires him, not knowing his true identity. From there, the two encountered each other more often and their relationship grew.

설련화 포스터 02일러스트 편집

I’ll be honest. This drama was semi interesting. If only it wasn’t so short, I think I would’ve liked it more. Since it was only two episode, they only had like one main conflict and maybe tinier problems, and it escalated too quickly for me. Some stuff also seemed a bit too unrealistic. I get that this is a special, but still. This drama didn’t lure me in and captured my attention.

So, if you’re trying to find a quick drama to pass the time, I would suggest watching this, otherwise no, I wouldn’t recommend it.


I rate this as a 4/10.

Sorry this was so short, but I wanted to post something real quick and to get back to my blogging. I’ve also been busy with things like drawing and making videos. I recently made a Youtube account!

Drop a subscribe and watch my first video! It’s a speedpaint. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5swd564DEinXZ1MyzrNlXw

Talk to you guys soon! Hoping to be able to update as soon as possible! Love you all! ❤


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