Boruto – My First Impression

At long last, Boruto has begun airing, updating every Wednesdays. As I watched Boruto, I was surprise. (Beware, for I might and probably spoil it.)


If you don’t know, Boruto is about Naruto’s son, Boruto, and his adventures as he follows his own path. But at the current time, Konoha was been reduced to rubble and we see only Boruto and Kawari fighting on Naruto’s statue.

For starters, I didn’t really have high hopes for this. I wondered if this would just be a copy of Naruto, but after watching the first episode, I don’t think it will be. At least, it won’t be really similar.

The first episode was actually pretty good. I like what happened, but it still had minor kinks. For example, it had some plot holes or contradictions. The anime currently takes place before the movie, as they have not been to the academy yet. However, Boruto already learned the shadow clone jutsu when he only learned it during the movie. Another example is where Boruto is shown to start unlocking his tenseigan (it looks more special than usual since it’s glowing), but this isn’t shown in the movie. Nevertheless, the new episode was still exciting. It isn’t a copy of Naruto. This generation is more lax due to its technologies, and Boruto is more of a troublemaker than Naruto was at his time (in my opinion). Boruto managed to drive a train into the Hokage Rock to make it to his entrance ceremony. Honestly, right now, after seeing so much Naruto has matured, I guess I can’t imagine him being as bad as Boruto is right now.

Let’s talk about the rumor about Naruto’s potential death at the beginning.

maxresdefault (1)
Argh! His eyes looks so dead! AND HE’S CRYING!! MY FEELS!!!!

At the beginning, Kawari told Boruto that he’ll take Boruto to where the seventh hokage, Naruto, is, but never specifically say where. So, it’s implied that Naruto is either too injured to fight, or he’s dead. But not only that, I saw this spoiler somewhere where it’s been ‘confirmed’ (tbh I have no idea if the thing was legit or not) that either Naruto or Hinata will die.

I DON’T WANT NARUTO, HINATA, OR ANY OF THEM TO DIE! TT_TT The fellow ninjas of the 9 teams in Naruto are really special to me. I don’t want any of them to die. If Naruto dies, I will be so salty to be honest. It’s too early to see him die, and he’s super powerful. Honestly, I think it will just make it a let down, cause after all that Naruto faced to get to where he is now, achieving his dream, becoming the strongest shinobi, and creating peace, he’s is shot down by someone we don’t know. The Naruto we know wouldn’t be like that. Plus another question for this would be what happened to Kurama? Wouldn’t his power also make Naruto even stronger? The characters of Naruto has such a close bond of friendship with one another too. Ugh, I just can’t think about how any of them can get killed >.> . I wonder where Sasuke is. If he was there with Naruto, they would make a stronger team (I have to say this. If Sasuke didn’t go rogue and was still in Naruto’s team, they would be one hell of a team).

Well, since we’re starting the anime with Boruto finally attending the academy, we won’t figure this out for a while. There hasn’t been a new update of chapters, so we’re probably gonna get filler episodes until more chapters are posted.

Another question I have is where are our favorite adults? I saw Anko (and she has totally changed), but where’s Kakashi? Iruka? I kinda wonder if they died. I need to see Grandpa Iruka in action! xd

I remember the first time I realized that the anime used technologies. I was so surprise I did not notice it for a few years. It was so weird for me cause the ninja concept is like old traditions (even the buildings are more like old times than new), so I didn’t think that technologies will be used. Seeing how Boruto’s generation is more modernized makes sense, but this makes their society more dependent on them. Naruto is right about how ninjas shouldn’t used technologies when asked permission to use it for the chunnin exams. If society depend on them too much, soon, everyone will lose a shinobi’s real value.

I feel like this also depicts reality as well. This world is starting to be dependent on technologies. Everyone’s on their phones, watching TV, and playing games, whether on consoles or computers. I’m no exception haha.

Overall I give the new episode a 7/10. It was pretty good, but who knows what’s next? I can’t wait to see Boruto’s academy life and the friends he’ll make. I hope there’s more Naruto and Sasuke appearance. I need to see Hokage Naruto in action too!

Welp, here’s my new update! Sorry if it’s kinda out of the place. I rushed to write this and my head is hurting -_-.

I might actually be MIA for a few weeks. AP Exams are coming next month and I actually need to study TT_TT. Ugh, time to fail in the end though. I swear, I don’t know anything. Wish me luck D:!!!


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