Anime Review: Assassination Classroom

When I started this anime, it quickly jumped to one of my all time favorites. I love its plot and character developments, and this anime made some of my life very enjoyable. I don’t regret watching it at all.

Assassination classroom is all about how students from middle school Class 3-E, the lowest class where all the stupid kids and delinquents went, have to kill their teacher, Korosensei, a superbeing who will destroy the world by the end of the year. Whoever kills him earns the prize of 10 billion bucks. The kids learn the skills of an assassin while facing many obstacles such as professional assassins coming to kill their teacher, the principal, Asano Gakuho, and Class 3-A and the something five, lead by the principal’s son, Asano Gakushuu.

maxresdefault.jpgWithout going too much into details and spoilers, I want to say how much I love the plot. Every episode made me happy. It focused on character development for many characters, also giving the protagonist airtime, but just enough to tell he’s the main. The anime gives enough time for us to learn about many characters’ backstory and character development, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I loved moments with Nagisa showing his talents and Karma being his usual evil self.

A little different than my last two reviews, I’m gonna kinda go in depth with the characters. Hopefully I do it well, hehe….

Well, first, you have the protagonist, my favorite character, Shiota Nagisa. He’s tiny, shy, and full of bloodlust with skills of assassination that could astonish many, but he does care a lot for his classmates and friends. And don’t let his voice and looks fool you, he looks and kinda sound female, but there are reasons for that. Honestly, when I watched the first episode, I thought he was a girl for like, 90% of the time. It probably was me just not paying attention much though, since I was doing a bunch of homework. I love everything about him to be honest.

Well, next up is Karma Akabane, the class bad boy and the devil of the class.He loves to fight and enjoys showing people up. He may be arrogant and confident at first, but throughout his time spent in class, he becomes slightly more mellow. One of his favorite torture methods is using spicy things, such as wasabi or spicy mustard, and sticking it into openings like nose, ears, and eyes to give his enemies the stinging pain. Honestly, I love seeing him in the show too. I like that he decided to use his skills to help the society, the government, becoming a better person. Sticking in the shadows is like him though.

Another character is Kaede Kayano, otherwise known as Akari Yukimura. Kayano is a polite, friendly girl, one of the key people who moves the plot along and reveal super important info. Kinda fun fact and spoiler if you haven’t read/watched Assassination Classroom: She gave Nagisa the hair he has now. Plus, she’s also good friends with Karma. He calls her Kayano-chan, unlike the other girls, which he adds the honorific, san, to their names.

Tadaomi Karasuma is one of their teachers. He’s a military official who helps train the kids, acting more of their PE teacher. He taught them games that helps hone assassination skills like that volleyball game with knives. He’s super strict and serious, but he does show that he cares when it counts. The kids trust him as much as he trust them. I think he was also one of the first people to realize Nagisa’s bloodlust and good assassination skills.

This here is Irina Jelavic, otherwise known as Bitch-sensei to the class. She’s a professional hitwoman, specializing in seduction. She was hired to be a teacher of 3-E in order to kill Korosensei, but fails. In the end, she learns the importance of teaching the students and stays as their teacher. During this time, she also learns to live life more normally, being used to a rich lifestyle. There were times that her relationship with the class wavered, but in the end, she helped them out. She is one of my favorite characters because she acts mature and kinda snobby half of the time, and then really childish the other. She also doesn’t mind being a little inappropriate with the kids. I really love her growing relationship with Karasuma. Even when he’s kinda oblivious, she still flirts with him. (Spoiler alert: I’m so glad that they’re married in the future.)

Korosensei is also one of my favorites (dang I have so much favorites in this anime). He’s basically the government’s experiment gone wrong. They experimented on him so much and now he’s gonna end up blowing up the world. Even so, due to a certain event which will not be said, he ends up teaching Class 3-E. He’s such a quirky/eccentric character. I love how he shows all of his weakness and openings for the kids to keep track of and plan his death, but I can’t help but wonder if he’s like that due to the experiment. Like, in his backstory, he was more serious and dangerous, but here, he’s the opposite. I kinda wished he would show more of his personality from back then.

Finally, let’s talk about the Asanos, shall we? Asano Gakuho is the principal of the school, but teaches by the E class system, where the students who fail his or her class gets sent to class E and is discriminated against. His teaches the students to hate class E and strive to be better than them. His son, Gakushuu, who he instilled the teachings to as a kid, believed that the students won’t advance further with that method. He strives to surpass his father and Class E with his own method.

Of course there’s many other characters. Each have their own backstory and some are pretty interesting, but maybe we can talk about them another time. It’s time to move on!

I would totally recommend this anime to anyone that passes by. It’s so good that I cried! I think anyone would love the plot and its characters. The animation and artstyle is perfect. Plus, this is pretty much the same with the manga version (with slight differences here and there), so fans could also see it animated.

Along with this, I would also recommend watching its spin off, Koro-sensei Quest! It’s basically the same plots, but they’re training to be heroes and their quest is to kill the big bad, Koro-sensei. It’s basically a parody of the anime series, but still unique and cute. You can see Nagisa cross dress more.

So I would rate this anime as 9.5/10! Everything about it is so good and I can’t find anything really bad about it.

Side note, just letting people know, I’m gonna try to post once a week, but I have school. I’m also a procrastinator, so I might not post a lot in the meantime, but please be patient. Oh yeah, if there was a spam of pics here, sorry. I got overexcited and wanted to show them all (Of course I don’t own any of those images. They belong to their respective owners).

To that one person I know, stop checking for grammar mistakes :(. I know I suck at writing.

Welp, what did you guys think of this? Leave a comment and maybe a follow?


3 thoughts on “Anime Review: Assassination Classroom

  1. Hahah I was so happy hey had Karma as well. He made the story even more interesting. I loved Nagisa. Also I wish I had a sensei like that. He was pretty awesome. I loved the comment at the end about your grammar. I feel the same way too

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    1. Honestly! I wished I had someone like Karma in my life. I feel like if that actually happened, I’ll be Rio and be an accomplice! Aw the mischief we could get into :O. (You could join us on our quest for trouble too! Lol is that too weird?)

      Liked by 1 person

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