Anime Review: Re:ZERO

One of my friends dressed up as Rem in Re:ZERO so I wondered how great Re:ZERO is. To be honest, it had its good points and it has its bad points. I found Re:ZERO is be okay for many reasons.


Re:ZERO is about how a guy, Subaru, ends up in this magical world and meets this girl named, Satella, or actually named Emilia. As he began to try to protect her, he dies and gets revived, turning back to a certain point of the plot, repeating that day over and over.

Starting life over and over again, Subaru, the main protagonist, took different paths to get to the end result that he wanted. For me, the idea was pretty good. It made things very interesting and teaches the lesson that your choices affect what happens to you and the people around you.

What bothers me is the way it kept on repeating and repeating. It got very annoying. It’s nice to see how it ended differently and that we learn new information, but it just annoyed me so much that those scenes kept on repeating. It could’ve developed more without repeating the days.

Another thing is, we don’t even see Emilia much after the first episode. The first episode or so featured her and we get to know her. After that, she became more of a useless heroine, the ignorant princess. She later treats him horribly, not knowing the situation. Even if he couldn’t tell, couldn’t she tell he was really suffering? Like he was going mentally insane, going back in time and dying over and over again to protect her.

I would like to point out something I don’t like, plot holes. This anime is full of it. We never really learned why Emilia chose Satella as her name in the beginning. Maybe it’s cause people had mistaken her as Satella, but maybe it’s something different. We may never know. All we know is that Satella and Emilia look like each other and other stuff I won’t spoil (aka I’m just lazy at looking it up haha).

We never knew what happened with that candidate thing, the one to become king. We learn of the members but not of the candidates yet.

Plus, we never learn about the whereabouts of Rem. What happened afterwards? Oh, and there’s Ram. What’s her relationship with Roswaal? She seems to be hiding something along with Roswaal. I’m curious (and kinda creeped out).

I guess all of this would be solved if we read the manga or light novel, whatever is out. Then again, since this anime was a success and given how the creator wanted this animated too, there will probably be another season. With new adventure awaiting them.

For once, my favorite character of this anime is not the main character. Instead, it’s Rem. Subaru and Emilia were too annoying for me. Maybe stupid. I don’t know. That’s up to opinion. She may have been psychotic at first, but after Subaru got her trust, she was well liked. She became really caring and protective until death. It was so sad that her love got rejected, but she was okay with him being with Emilia. It’s sad she didn’t accept Subaru’s request to leave, but it’s great that she was able to see right through him and know that it wasn’t the guy she knew and fell in love with. Honestly, why couldn’t Subaru like this girl that’s been by his side supporting him instead of Emilia. Sure, he could still be her knight, but just maybe shipped with Rem? Then again, this is all for the plot of anime. Nothing has to make a lot of sense.

Let’s not forget to talk about other characters too! Beatrice was like a Tsun Tsun (is she? lol). She seemed very sensible though, even if she was a spirit. I liked her fiery personality. Felt was cute. I wonder what exactly happened to her and Reinhard though. It seemed like their relationship grew while they were away. I kinda wanna see them and what happened.

I would rate this as a 6/10.

This anime was decent, but it just didn’t catch my interest a lot. Go ahead and watch it if you haven’t and sorry if there were spoilers, but I would have many more things to recommend before recommending this one.

If you guys don’t think my review was fair, please reply and tell me why you think so. But please, no flames, ragging, or bad language >.< . After all, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.


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