Drama Review: Flower Boy Next Door

Seeing how Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Boys Over Flowers were good, I decided to pick this drama up. Even though I’m a late bloomer, I enjoyed this drama.

(Edit: I totally became an idiot and deleted pictures in my media thing, so the pictures disappeared. So, RIP here’s an updated version with new pictures xd).


In this drama, Ko Dok Mi is living her life in her apartment, working, eating, sleeping there, rarely leaving only for necessities. She meets Tae Joon and begun spying on him everyday, but is found out when his brother, Enrique Keum comes to visit and caught her in the act. Thus, her life outside the comforts of her home begins and she interacts with other people too, like Oh Jin Rok, her next door neighbor who helps her out, Dong Hoon, his assistant, and Watanabe, a new neighbor aiming to become a cook.

I started this drama on Monday and finished it the next day. Honestly, this drama was pretty good, but it wasn’t the best ones I’ve seen. This didn’t make me cry during the sad parts, so I wouldn’t rate this as high as them. I consider things that make me super excited and things that make me cry even for a little bit good dramas, shows, anime, etc., but I guess that’s the same for everyone right?

For starters, the acting was good. I like how Park Shin Hye acting as Ko Dok Mi. She really brought out the awkward and shy personality that was needed. I love how she can cry without really forcing it out, like can I get that skill? I wanna be able to just look pretty and cry. Honestly, I also have to applaud Yoon Si Yoon’s acting skills too. I wouldn’t be able to openly act like how he did. If I was a guy, I would probably be embarrassed to do the things he did, like dress up partially naked when he caught Dok Mi in the act or kicking the apartment door for so long.

The plot overall was pretty good too! I haven’t seen a plot like this one yet. Like I’ve seen similar romance stories, but none that had a person who really didn’t want to interact with people. It was really cliche though, not that I don’t like that. I’m good with cliches, but this one just didn’t get me right in the heart. Not as much as others had.


Now let’s talk about the characters. Everyone is really relatable in my opinion. That one episode that Enrique is hanging out in his apartment, reading manga and then on his tablet, and Dok Mi’s lack of interaction (to a lesser extent).

Well, I kinda like the couple, Dok Mi and Enrique. He brought back the social Dok Mi and they went through many things together, understanding and learning more about each other.

I thought how Oh Jin Rok was at the beginning, being a nice guy and doing things for Dok Mi, but in the end, I’m glad he didn’t end up with Dok Mi. He’s those nice characters in all movies, animes, and stuff, liking a girl, but too shy to confess, only doing things for them. As much as that is sweet, I wouldn’t want the two to be together. They wouldn’t be a good couple, maybe a friend, but not a couple. He’s just too nice. He won’t really fight for her and he didn’t have the guts to approach her and ask her out or even bring her out of his shell like Enrique did. He may have tried his best to help and understand, but I didn’t see it as much as Enrique did. Plus, making a webtoon based on her life isn’t really helping either. It’s creepy actually.

What kinda bothers me is how Jin Rok found a girl that’s exactly like Dok Mi in the end. Like, couldn’t they show have someone different? Show that he moved on and met another girl, not be happy with someone that’s basically the same. It just bothers me cause it’s like I feel no development about him, at least not much. I ship Jin Rok with Cha Do Hwi more than that.

Speaking of Cha Do Hwi, I honestly thought that maybe the writers could’ve made her a more likable character. She was a jerk since the beginning, and even more as the drama went on, but it could’ve changed direction and showed how she wanted to be more sincere and ask for forgiveness. Though if that happened, I guess that will make the show more cliche than it already was. I mean, you see a lot of shows with the bully from high school turning good in the end, but also a few with them never changing…. I don’t know… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I kinda wished they showed more of Watanabe. They didn’t really give him enough air time to develop his character even more. I mean, all I know about him is that he’s a japanese aspiring chef who wants to learn to cook different food from different cultures. He’s one of the flower boys right? It didn’t really show his interaction with Dok Mi… honestly it didn’t show at all. He was just there as a side, supporting character.

One thing I find funny was how it kinda emphasized the peeping and stalking. Like almost every character does it. For example, our three mains:

It’s kinda funny how no one actually caught them and report them. I also find the scene with the car and the cans in episode 14 funny. I’ve seen that recorded video of how people did that to get inside someone’s car, but never expected it to end up in a drama. I was gonna say kudos to the trio for successfully executing it until it just turned out to be a daydream. It was still funny to see Dong Hoon still get into the car though.

Overall, if someone asked me if they should watch it, I would say sure, it’s pretty good. However, if someone ask me for their recommendations, this wouldn’t be one of my first. It had its good points, but it just didn’t hook me in like others I have seen. The rating I would give this is a: 6/10.

On a side note, thanks for reading my first posted review. Sorry if it went out of the place >.


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